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Pietre Vive Saffron

Towards the middle of October you can see in our large kitchen garden the first beautiful purple colored saffron flowers. The saffron flowers are in bloom for only about 10 days and harvesting must take place at the first light of each dawn.
A delicate and precious spice with a rich and aromatic flavor, it is used in the best restaurants in the world. We grow high quality saffron on the Pietre Vive Farm and you can find it on the restaurant menu in dishes such as our pecorino cheese platter with honey and the ricotta tortelli as well as enriching some or our sauces to make them extra-special.

“Millefiori” Honey from the Pietre Vive Farm

Our mixed flower honey, known in Italian as honey from “a thousand flowers”, comes from the nectar of an innumerable quantity and variety of different flowers, so the flavors and colors may vary in different years. When extracted from the honeycomb is in liquid state but with the passage of time and with the lowering of the temperature it tends to crystallizes; To bring it back to the liquid state just heat gently (do not exceed 35°centigrade) placing the open jar in hot water “bain-marie” style.
“Millefiori” is a favorite of most consumers and it’s a great for breakfasts and snacks while in our restaurant we recommend you try it with fresh cheeses or fruit salad and especially in our ricotta mousse with saffron honey.
Honey & poetry.
Literature and poetry have also long looked to this font of natural sweetness to express feelings and emotions… “eagerly gathering first from this then from that of the flowers which grace the earth” declares Lorenzo De’ Medici, while for Garcia Lorca “honey is the word of Christ, the molten gold of his love”.

Rosmarino Fiore di zafferano


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